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Luuk Brantjes is a circus artist from Oosterbeek, a little town in the Netherlands. He started his circus career at the age of 5, joining a youth circus. At the age of 15 he got accepted in the preparatory program of Codarts Circus arts, which eventually resulted in his acceptance to the Bachelor in circus arts of Codarts in 2015. He spent 2 years in Codarts developing his general skills as a performer and specializing in the discipline Teeterboard. In 2017 he got accepted to the Bachelor in Circus arts of DOCH, university of dance and circus in Stockholm, where he continued his studies to become a circus artist. It was there that he met his 3 current teeterboard partners and together they founded the teeterboard company 4onBoard. Together they explore the boundaries and possibilities within their practice. 

After graduating with his collective from DOCH University for dance and circus in 2020, Luuk’s path diverted into the creation of his first solo performance L O N E, an abstract solo circus piece that portrays the fine line between alone and lonely. Next to his solo work, Luuk is also co-author of the project SMÄLTANDE, a site-specific performance in the snow that focuses on climate awareness and the appreciation of winter. 

Luuk’s education continued through the BETA-circus program where he took a dive into the deep in the world of magie nouvelle. 

Luuk’s work is based on an alternative approach to his apparatus teeterboard, where the focus lies on finding infinite ways of interacting with the apparatus.

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